Sports Stacking Canada
10th Anniversary Season 2007 to 2017

Sport Stacking Canada is committed towards building self-esteem and confidence in today's youth.
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Welcome to the Sports Stacking Canada site

Mission Statement

Sport Stacking Canada is committed towards building self-esteem and confidence in today’s youth for a better tomorrow. The focus is to provide a variety of inclusive activities that creates opportunities for everyone to participate with success regardless of ability. The only pre-requisite is a willingness to try and dedication towards doing your best. We are prepared to help each school or organization to organize and develop a successful program that will facilitate maximum benefits for everyone involved. This organization supports the WSSA which is the governing body for Sport Stacking rules and regulations worldwide.

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Benefits for Kids

Sport Stacking is a fitness based sport that kids from all backgrounds and abilities can do. For the athlete and non-athlete alike, regardless if you are instructing eighth graders or kindergartners, sport stacking can be a great enhancement for your fitness routine. With over 70 fitness based activities, sport stacking helps to motivate kids to be active and fit. Teachers and parents also like sport stacking because it can be done at home. Much like a Scholastic book order encourages kids to read at home, a Group Order through Speed Stacks encourages fitness at home.

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Interested in Starting a Program?

Sport Stacking Canada is run by physical education teachers who have started successful programs with their school boards and are willing to share this experience with you. If you would like to start a program with your class, your school, recreation facility, or if you would like to run a competition, we will help you along the way to facilitate a successful program. For more information please contact

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